Pro. and Directed by 奇道ぱーぷる(KIDDO PURPLE a.k.a SHEART)
Illustration by Erika Ito(
Ballet Dance by Kanami Yagishi (
Shooting by Ko Tokita (
Special Thanks 下北沢フリーバード
(English Information is available below)

Vocal by Yuya Kotone
Lyrics :
(English Information is available below)


MC, DJ, Key”Vo”ard, ヒューマンビートボックス, MPC, パーカッション, オカリナの7名から成る”架空の”バンド:Baile de Aire(バイレ・デ・アイレ)。

イメージイラストを手掛けたのは、独特なタッチで唯一無二の世界観を描くErika Ito氏。
氏のイラストを背景に、チャイコフスキー記念 東京バレエ団等の日本を代表するバレエ団において、



Kiddo Purple, the music producer, begins his new project.
An INVISIBLE band, named Baile de Aire, plays their own sound with
MC, DJ, Key”Vo”ard, Human Beat Box, MPC, Percussion, and Ocarina.
And here is their second song “HS ~Heaven Smile~”

They sing about a woman who killed her man.
Even through she had loved him, he had attacked her for a long time .
Finally, she couldn’t observe her feeling to kill him, then she…
This is the main topic of this song, but sorry, this song is in Japanese only…

Erika Ito, a illustrator, draw an image illust. of this song.
By using this illust, Kanami Yagishi, who has been taught ballet by teachers
who had been in Japanese most known ballet groups, danced  by the screen.
Next song would be coming soon.
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